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Australia !!

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The wonders of the Arctic…or Polar Bears Behaving Badly !

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New for 2014/2015 , this presentation deals with the issues facing the Arctic and their impact on the animals that call it  home .

We look at the adaptations for living there and through the exploits of some cheeky polar bears and friends we get an insight into their daily lives .

Part of this talk could be linked with ‘Africa’  to compare hot and cold places and the adaptations of the flora and fauna .

Suitable for all ages .

‘Just a Photo’ a journey through some of the most serious conservation issues facing animals today .

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‘Just a Photo’ a journey through some of the most serious conservation issues facing animals today .

The most popular presentation by far  during 2014 , ‘Just a Photo’ takes your children on a photographic safari around the world . We visit most of the places featured in the other presentations and I discuss how easy or difficult it was to get the main photographs . From the leopard in Etosha National Park that just happened to be in a tree on the side of the road to the jaguars in Guyana that we spent weeks looking for …and never found ! From the Indri in Madagascar that climbed down the tree right in front of us ….to the sloth bear in India that we waited patiently for at dawn for five days and then when it finally appeared – I lifted my camera , spooked it and it ran off leaving me with a photo that could just as easily be of a black bin bag !!!!  The important part of this talk is the discussion of why the animals are difficult to find and photograph – this includes  deforestation  and the capture of animals for the pet trade and human food chain in Madagascar , the poaching of tigers in India for medicine and the planting of oil palm in Malaysia leading to the decline of orang-utans . I discuss the work done by the Sepilok Orang-utan Sanctuary in Sabah and many schools use this as a stimulus to launch topic work on orang-utans and go on to adopt an orang-utan ( or 4 as one Blackpool school managed to do !!! )

‘The Oceans’ – from the Coral Triangle to the Sea of Cortez in search of the most amazing marine life.

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Let’s go on an underwater safari in the Coral Triangle around the coasts of the Philippines and Malaysia to see some of the most iconic marine animals …..from the huge marine turtles to the tiniest pygmy seahorses .We’ll see shoals of barracuda , moray eels , frogfish etc. and look at how they are adapted to survive in this most testing environment ……….and from there to the marine mammal rich Sea of Cortez . We’ll see the grey whales in the safety of the lagoon where they give birth after an epic migration from Alaska , humpbacks breaching ………..but will we find the largest animal that has ever existed?  The blue whale .


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Hi Alan,

Thanks for giving year 6 at Devonshire your Treasure in the Rainforest talk as an introduction to our post SATs Frog topic. The children were fascinated by your experiences and loved the pictures.

We’ll be using you again!!



Hi Alan
Thanks so much for the very enjoyable ‘hands-on’ sessions this morning.The children were engaged throughout and they really enjoyed holding the water creatures and learning lots of new information about them. Emma Stamford – (Year 3 Class Teacher  / Roseacre Primary School)

What a fantastic session!It really complemented our ‘Habitats’ topic. The children really enjoyed it. Andrea Tatersall
( Teaching Assistant )



Alan ,

The children were enthralled by all the weird and wonderful creatures they encountered! They loved the water scorpion breathing through its bottom, but most of all the two lively toads – Cheeky and Buster!
The children have been talking about your visit ever since and even insisted it should be incorporated into their assembly about animals Many thanks and see you again next year!

Year 1 Team Revoe Primary School


Hi Alan,

I saw your super talk on the rainforests at Hawes Side and wondered if you could do something similar for my school in Poulton.

John Calvert


Thanks John – I’ve mailed you further details . Alan B


What an amazing morning Year 6 have just had, the whole year group were captivated!
The children had so many questions which Alan answered with not only great knowledge, but such passion for the animals, people and country.
I don’t think we will ever forget the monkeys!

Can’t wait for the next one.

Thanks Alan.

Sarah Hawkard    Revoe Primary School


Wow what a fantastic presentation Alan – our children were completely engaged and engrossed by your talk. My class now have a love of the red eyed tree frog and they know so many facts about them – it inspired not only our Science work but also our creative writing!! Thank you so much -will be in touch next term for the next one!! Ruth  -   Goosnargh  Oliverson’s



Hi Alan, an amazing afternoon thanks, we came out feeling we’d almost been on the adventure with you!
Sure to see you again soon,

Neil Vaughan  Carleton Green Primary School


Thanks Alan. Great talk for our year 6. good not only to hear about and see the animals but also to know about the environmental problems facing this beautiful part of the world.
Glad Neil liked it as well.

No doubt see you soon

David Small ,             Bispham Endowed   Year 6


Excellent presentation – your warm , friendly and engaging manner really enthused the children.Thank you for an enlightening session !!!
Joanne Zinna  Foundation Manager,            Roseacre Primary School.


Wonderful presentation, highly recommended.

ALL the children were amazed at the pictures and stories. They were very impressed with the shots of the tiger at the end and the discussion generated from this was fantastic. The children went on to use their research skills to create factsheets about the tigers and I have heard them holding discussions with children in other year groups about how precious these animals are!

The children will never forget the monkeys and their contribution to the fabulous presentation either!

Thanks again.

Sarah Howlett     Revoe Primary School



Hi Alan,

Thanks so much for being an integral part to the success of our year 5 experience afternoons. The students had a great time – they were certainly captivated by your presentation.

See you next year!

Thanks once again.

Melissa Walsh , Primary Links Manager , Fleetwood High School


Hi Alan, just wanted to say thank you for the hugely entertaining presentation you gave our Year 2 and 3 classes based on your adventures in the rainforest! It has provided inspiration for a wide range of topic work and the children were in awe of your storytelling abilities and first hand experience. Hope to work with you again soon!
David Worswick .       St John’s Catholic Primary School , Poulton


A massive thank you to Mr Bennett for visiting our school. We had a fab morning! We remembered so much about the rainforest and the hands on part of the lesson really helped us remember about adaptations for our science lesson in the afternoon.
Please come back and visit us again soon.
Beth Latham     &   Class 5/6 BLA Unity College.



Amazing presentation that captivated ALL the year 6 and year 4 children! Gave the children the chance to hear and see from first person experiences what it is really like within the rainforest!

They have all been inspired to undergo their own personal adventures.

Thanks again Alan for enhancing our topic on the rainforest.

Lauren Hollis Mereside Primary, Blackpool .


Thank you very much for visiting our school in . The children thoroughly enjoyed the talks. You had them engaged and motivated within the first few minutes. The children were so inspired they have now adopted 4 orang-utans from the centre and they went on to produce some great work on world conservation issues. We would definitely like to invite you back to school next year.

Hawes Side would also like to thank you for giving up your time to run a conservation workshop in Blackpool’s first Children’s Sustainability Conference. the conference was well attended with over 200 delegates and 25 environmental organisations.

Thank you again – Mr Livesey  ,  Hawes Side  Primary School , Blackpool .


Hi Alan,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for your entertaining and informative presentation on life under the sea and the plight of the orangutans. The kids loved the clown fish and it was lovely to see them so interested by your enthusiasm and easy manner.

We have raised enough money to adopt an orang-utan, which is great.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Anne & Helen  ( Mrs Wilson  & Mrs Wilkinson Lytham St Annes High )


Fylde Naturalists held their Annual Buffet Lecture at Stanley Park Golf Club. After the meal there followed an excellent talk given by Alan who described the insects and animals to be found in the Namib Desert. Delivered with much humour, enthusiasm and fantastic photography, it was an evening to be remembered.
Many thanks Alan.
Mike Sutcliffe


Mr Bennett,

Every time you have been to our school you have kept both pupils and staff enthralled with your wonderful talks and joyous accompanying slide shows. This time was no exception. You educate the children by making them aware of the animal world and the many man-made dangers it faces. You educate them into understanding exactly what is going on in the habitats of these glorious creatures and give them a will to discover more for themselves. They are always impressed by your vast knowledge and ability to aim what you have to say at exactly their level.

As always very well done and we look forward to your return next year.
Kind regards,

S Mayer   King David Primary School,  Manchester .



Thanks again Alan, as always the children have not stopped talking about the whole presentation! They’ve loved every minute – ideal for any age group.

Joanne and the reception team, Roseacre Primary School .


Hi Alan ,
Just to let you know that the ‘ Bring and Buy ‘ sale raised enough for us to adopt 3 orang utans!!
It’s amazing !! …..and we are now in the process of adopting !!!
Best wishes

Jane Kilcoyne , St Cuthbert’s Primary School , Blackpool .


Hi Alan
Thank you so much for coming in to our two Year 2 classes and talking to them about your time in Costa Rica and in the rainforest. It has really helped bring alive our jungle topic. All the children enjoyed listening to your adventures and learned so much about how the animals are adapted to their environment. Thank you very much.
Lynn Pennington, Baines Endowed , Blackpool .


Thank you so much for coming to Queen’s Drive Primary School on such an awful day and warming us up with your exciting and captivating talk on ‘Treasure in the rainforest.’ The children thoroughly enjoyed discovering what the ‘Treasure in the rainforest’ was. The delivery of your amazing Rainforest experience was pitched at just the right level for our children in Year 3. They now have a wonderful start to their topic this term. We will definitely be in contact again!
Many thanks

Steph Snape , Queens Drive Primary School, Preston.


Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for the slides & talk on Borneo – the children were gripped instantly, and that’s not easy to accomplish with nearly 200 children towards the end of the  term!

As a school we are now supporting an orang-utan and the children enjoy visiting the website for updates on his progress.

We always enjoy having you to visit us – your enthusiasm and knowledge really fires the children (and staff!) to find out more.

Hope to see you again soon,

Best wishes,
Angela & Michelle  Moor Park Primary School , Blackpool .


What a fabulous presentation! Blackpool Sixth Form asked Alan to come into College to deliver a talk to Biology students during National Biology Week, a celebration of an amazing and diverse subject. Students and staff found his talk fascinating and we learned lots about the different species of plants and animals in Costa Rica, particularly about Alan’s favourites – ants! It was especially interesting to learn about the interactions between these species. This both linked to the AQA specification for A2 Biology and extended the students’ knowledge beyond the limits of the syllabus. Many of the students want to study Biology at University, so it was great for them to aspire to Alan’s high levels of commitment, research, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Alan and we’d love it if you could come back next year.

Catherine Vance  ,  Blackpool Sixth form College .


Many thanks Alan for a fascinating and inspiring talk! Our A2 Biology students were really engaged by the presentation and it will certainly help them with plenty of real-life examples for their ecology module. Your material was extremely well-pitched and very accessible to the students. The high-quality photos and your mix of serious science and humorous stories really made this a very memorable talk. Look forward to inviting you here again in the future.
Jon McLeod, Head of Admissions, The Blackpool Sixth Form College


To Mrs.Hatch’s class , Greenlands Community School ,  Preston.
Hi everyone ,
Thank you so much for the brilliant letters. I’m glad you enjoyed the talk so much and that you learnt a lot about the rainforest.
Enjoy the rest of your topic work ….and well done to Yaseen for being so brave when faced with the fearsome predator !!


To the children in Hawks’ Class , Carleton Green Primary School .

What a great surprise getting those brilliant letters !! Thank you very much for sending them and for the fantastic comments .

The best news,  of course , is that you have managed to raise enough money to adopt two orang-utans !! Thank you for that and a big thank you to Mrs Walsh for organising it !!

Take care .



Dear Alan,

Thank you so much for coming to visit us on Tuesday. Year 2 really enjoyed your talk and we have had some super work in relation to the questions they asked you.

We look forward to seeing you again soon,

Best wishes,


( Julie Barr  Layton Primary School     October  )


Africa !!!

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Let me take your pupils to sample the wildlife , landscapes and people of two very different parts of Africa. We visit Namibia with its incredible dunes and the Etosha National Park where we find the typical African fauna  and compare it to the forests of Madagascar. Suitable for all age groups .


Borneo -land of the orang utan and seas of the coral triangle!

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Home to the oldest rainforest on earth , we went to the Danum Valley in Sabah to look for orangutan , flying frogs and flying geckos ! We saw first hand the devastation caused by the drive to grow more oil palm …………………and the incredible work of the Sepilok orangutan rehabilitation centre , supported by Orangutan Appeal UK.

The seas of the coral triangle have what is probably the greatest marine biodiversity in the world and yet destructive fishing methods are destroying huge tracts of coral . Come with me to see what brings divers from all over the world ….from the tiny pygmy seahorse to the enormous thresher sharks off Malapascua Island in the Philippines.

‘Costa Rica – a special relationship’

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In this presentation I investigate a whole range of associations that exist between organisms in the rainforests of Costa Rica. From predator – prey relationships and parasitism  to mutualism and commensalism – and lots of other associations  which aren’t too easy to define! When you consider that army ants have been found to have over 550 organisms associated with them …………300 or so of which are totally dependent on their ant ‘friends’ you can understand just how complex this special relationship is !

Suitable for A level students / Natural History Groups.


‘The tracks of the tiger’

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‘The tracks of the tiger’

Is time running out for the ultimate predator? We travelled to Delhi and onwards to two National Parks ( Bandhavgarh and Satpura ) to see , at first hand , why the future of this magnificent animal in the wild is so uncertain . The talk takes your children on a very brief tour of rural and city life in India , looks at some of the challenges facing people and how these incredibly friendly people cope .We then look at the ways the guides and trackers can read the signs and signals to find this most elusive animal .

‘The Lost City’

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‘The Lost City’

This talk begins with an introduction to / reminder of the five groups of vertebrates and I then check that children have grasped the main features of the birds, fish , amphibians , reptiles and mammals by getting them to classify stuffed examples of each ( stuffed toys by the way !!! ) We then ‘go on an adventure through the rainforest ‘ in search of the lost city …….trying to decide whether animals we meet on the way are vertebrates or not and if they are ……………what class they belong to. Good fun !  Suitable for Years 2, 3 or 4 .