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‘The Oceans’ – from the Coral Triangle to the Sea of Cortez in search of the most amazing marine life.

Posted by Alan on Apr 26, 2014 in Details of presentations | No Comments

Let’s go on an underwater safari in the Coral Triangle around the coasts of the Philippines and Malaysia to see some of the most iconic marine animals …..from the huge marine turtles to the tiniest pygmy seahorses .We’ll see shoals of barracuda , moray eels , frogfish etc. and look at how they are adapted to survive in this most testing environment ……….and from there to the marine mammal rich Sea of Cortez . We’ll see the grey whales in the safety of the lagoon where they give birth after an epic migration from Alaska , humpbacks breaching ………..but will we find the largest animal that has ever existed? ┬áThe blue whale .

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