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‘Just a Photo’ a journey through some of the most serious conservation issues facing animals today .

Posted by Alan on Apr 26, 2014 in Details of presentations | No Comments

The most popular presentation by far  during 2014 , ‘Just a Photo’ takes your children on a photographic safari around the world . We visit most of the places featured in the other presentations and I discuss how easy or difficult it was to get the main photographs . From the leopard in Etosha National Park that just happened to be in a tree on the side of the road to the jaguars in Guyana that we spent weeks looking for …and never found ! From the Indri in Madagascar that climbed down the tree right in front of us ….to the sloth bear in India that we waited patiently for at dawn for five days and then when it finally appeared – I lifted my camera , spooked it and it ran off leaving me with a photo that could just as easily be of a black bin bag !!!!  The important part of this talk is the discussion of why the animals are difficult to find and photograph – this includes  deforestation  and the capture of animals for the pet trade and human food chain in Madagascar , the poaching of tigers in India for medicine and the planting of oil palm in Malaysia leading to the decline of orang-utans . I discuss the work done by the Sepilok Orang-utan Sanctuary in Sabah and many schools use this as a stimulus to launch topic work on orang-utans and go on to adopt an orang-utan ( or 4 as one Blackpool school managed to do !!! )

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