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‘Water bugs’

Posted by Alan on Jun 1, 2011 in Details of presentations | No Comments

A small group activity in which I introduce some of our common water creatures . Working with small groups allows your children to see the animals in close detail and to even hold some of them – leeches are always a big hit !

Appropriate for all age groups – the emphasis of the activity can vary from ‘respect for living things’ , adaptations ¬†, feeding relationships or diversity .

Before the activity I would send you a risk assessment which would help you to decide if you want your children to handle some of the creatures or not.

Animals typically include stickleback, water scorpions, water boatmen , diving beetles , dragonfly nymphs , caddis fly larvae , leeches , frogs , newts and the very popular toads !!!  Depending on the time of the year frog spawn and/ or tadpoles can also be included .