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Borneo is home to the orangutan ! Sadly lots of the forest has been cut down to grow crops ….and the baby orangutans are taken from their mothers and kept as pets in cages like this .

Luckily , we didn’t see this ( the photo is taken from the internet)  Thank goodness there are lots of nice people who go around and rescue the poor babies and take them to a fantastic place in the rainforest where they are looked after. When the babies are old enough , they are released into the rainforest and live happily. When they are adults they have babies of their own and come back to the safe place to get some food !!! That’s where we took some of the photos.

This picture shows some birds’ nests that people collect to make soup. They collect the nests after the baby birds have flown away .

To get the nests the men have to climb up very dodgy ladders to the top of the cave – we went to the cave. As well as the birds ( called swifts) , it was full of bats and dangerous centipedes and lots and lots of poo.

You can see the cockroaches that feed on the poo ….there were millions of them . It was amazing !!!